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If any old newgrounders here remember ParagonX9 and her beautiful talent in making music that would suit any kind of Video Game...

I think I just figured out why she's been gone for a while, she is now 30!

Seriously check her page...

This gave me a massive idea that she could now have become a mother and just doesn't have time to do any of this stuff on the internet anymore...

I seem to cringe when I see it. I mean, Copyrighted songs btw

I have no idea why, and that sucks. I got a message a few days ago about this D:


2014-12-19 04:29:41 by Chillius03

I recently attended a music class for 12 hours and i'm pretty good with fruityloops, I'll see what i can do.


I just feel like leaving.

2014-12-16 14:12:43 by Chillius03

Guys I don't feel very good, I'm depressed, everything is removed, my demo of my latest game was removed, I don't like it, my song which my friend made but he had no internet so i had to upload it was removed, what else is next, my whole account.

Hello, I am Chillius Bower aka Chillius03, I make stuff related to games or just plain remixes of songs.


I am interested in Fan-Stuff (Fan-Pictures of games, remixes) or just stuff people have made to me, I will most likely use this as a host but I will impress you!