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I have a question for NG mods: How annoying is it when you find a song that was uploaded ONLY for geometry dash purposes?

2016-09-07 14:03:13 by Chillius03

I seem to cringe when I see it. I mean, Copyrighted songs btw


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2016-09-07 17:10:11

I'm not a mod, but I would imagine that it's VERY annoying. For one, a mod would have to remove the audio in question and set a ban. Some asshole is making them work. I don't think they take pleasure in removing audio and banning people. These mods care very much about Newgrounds, and that's why they're moderators of the site. So when stolen content is uploaded, it risks the security of the site. It means that if the creator of said content sees it being illegally shared, he/she/they could sue Tom Fulp and put the site at risk of being shut down. People don't seem to realize when they do this that it's not their ass on the line, but Tom Fulp and the entire community. And THAT is annoying.

Chillius03 responds:

I can see where you are getting at, yeah


2016-10-26 03:30:44

If it's a song they created, that's fine that it's submitted for Geometry dash. As for the other type, yeah, annoying. They get reported here:, we remove them, and give the thief a nice ban. :3

Chillius03 responds:

It's funny, my first upload was a song that I didn't create but the owner gave me permission, but I didn't know you had to only upload songs you created.
It's funny because I can still preview the song, meaning that I can dowlnoad it still.