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I may have just figured out something.

2016-11-05 08:12:57 by Chillius03

If any old newgrounders here remember ParagonX9 and her beautiful talent in making music that would suit any kind of Video Game...

I think I just figured out why she's been gone for a while, she is now 30!

Seriously check her page...

This gave me a massive idea that she could now have become a mother and just doesn't have time to do any of this stuff on the internet anymore...


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2016-11-05 23:28:30

That's really logical. No wonder she has been gone so long.

Oh yeah, just wondering; are you actually Chillius on GD?

Chillius03 responds:

Yep I am ;)
Thanks for thinking I am logical XD


2016-11-06 17:32:55

Hmm... I'm not sure about Paragon's gender...
It's the internet, and it's not uncommon for people to falsify it.

Chillius03 responds:

I think paragonx9 is a female as there are pictures of her


2017-02-11 14:25:23

There are still plenty of people over 30 around here, you know? :P Nearing that fateful age myself too, time flies...

Do hope she comes back someday though! Her and her whole family, maybe. :P Still one of my favorite artists here.

Chillius03 responds:

Yeah, my favourite artist too!